Play of life


A 3D method to fast-track insight & behavioural modification

"This method [Play of Life] will revolutionise the way we influence behaviour."

Professor Marcel O. Ponton


About the
Play of Life

Play of Life is a 3D method that uses small figures to fast-track insight (the Aha! Moment), and helps us to literally “see” our First Step towards a happy life. By bypassing the neocortex (the thinking part of the brain) and going straight to the limbic system (the emotional part of the brain) the Play of Life® shows us (3-dimensionally) our reality, what’s happening now, and our desires, our dreams in life. Thus, bridging the intention (what I’d like to do) and behaviour (what I do) gap. 

“The Play of Life puts the responsibility back on ourselves.”

Lindsay Christian

Levels of Accreditation

Active Learning International Pty Ltd is the umbrella organisation of:

 Play of Life, Play of Life Digital, RCompass, Enneagram.rc, Fruit of the Spirit Diary app and Relationship Capital programs.

It provides counselling, coaching, training services and consultancy for individuals, families and businesses.

Digital Applications

Play of Life app web app

Dr. Carlos A. Raimundo


Carlos, is the creator of the 3D simulation technology the Play of Life® which has revolutionised individual and team behavioural transformation and for which he received the Innovation Award by the ASGPP in New York 2002. The Play of Life is based on Carlos’ background in medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychodrama, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. Carlos is also the author of Relationship Capital (Prentice Hall, 2002)  and holds an M Mgm from Macquarie University and is currently a researcher on Emotional and Social Intelligence, neuroscience and the use of the Play of Life and it’s application in online training, counselling & coaching.  

Click here for Carlos’ recent Research Paper

Melanie Raimundo


Melanie is a Professional Counsellor, Facilitator and Accredited Play of Life Coach and Enneagram.rc practitioner and International Presenter. She is a professional member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and a partner of Relationship Capital, a corporate consulting organisation. Melanie’s passion is in helping people reach their true potential towards living a happy and meaningful life. 


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