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Tango & Relationships

Tango & Relationships

It takes two to tango! 

The elegant Argentinean Tango that appears to be a highly structured, planned, and choreographed performance is surprisingly an improvised dance with no rules, where chaos coordination is required through continuous connection and mutual trust. Spontaneity and creativity come together, resulting in two satisfied players who have mutually created a spectacle of beauty, movement, and passion.
The watchers, observers or audience have admired with envy, fascination and “I want it too”.
The same applies to relationships.

Improvisation – No Rules – Chaos – Coordination Required –
Connection – Communication

In tango, we have:

“Two people, Four legs, but only One Heart.”

The art, in tango, is to navigate through the chaos of a dance floor, avoid obstacles, all while enjoying the depth of the “encounter.”

Who leads?

To achieve this, it is better if one of the two is appointed safety officer (the leader). This role is given to the person who can best avoid trouble – the person who sees more.
Being typically taller, the man is given that role which includes being the safety officer.

However, who leads?

The leader ‘suggests’ a movement, BUT it is the follower who moves to wherever they decide – not always following the leaders’ suggestion. The leader then follows the follower (if it is safe), enjoys the move and suggests again. This is the secret.

Both influence each other in a spontaneous and creative dance.

“Tango is a dance where leader and follower merge to find a way together and enjoy being in one heart.”
-Matthew Civil 

How are you dancing?