Play of Life®



Play of Life Professional Development and Group Supervision with Dr. Carlos

This “BECOMING” program is a space for seekers to discover, with fellow seekers, the questions that would motivate positive movements towards self-transcendence, facilitated by Dr. Carlos in a process of accompaniment.

We’re in a permanent warm-up, in a constant becoming, that moves us to the next step in life. It is in that space that we can learn how to feed the best of us or not the best of us, and grow, personally, relationally, and professionally.

Becoming is an online group program using the Play of Life model for practitioners of the method.

Each session consists of:

Part One: 1 hr, the play of Life in action

  1. Warm-up: where the protagonist person or topic to explore emerges.
  2. Serious Play or enactment: where the topic is explored in a safe space to discover what is needed to transcend oneself beyond the circumstances faced.
  3. Share and go: the whole group engages with the protagonist in mutual learning and discovery.
Part two: 1 Hr, Professional Development
  1. Processing the previous sessions.
  2. Supervision, exploration of cases or areas needed for professional development.

Who can apply: Accredited Play of Life practitioners.

Timespan: 2hr sessions once a month for 6 months.

Cost: $340 incl. gst per month (valued at $440 incl. gst)

The first payment secures your spot, monthly payments will be deducted automatically from your chosen payment method through Practice Ignition.

A group is currently in progress. 

Supervision for Students of the Play of Life Online Course

Play of Life supervision is offered to students currently enrolled in the course. This is included in the payment for the course.

The supervision included is:

  1. A review of your course progress, self-logs & video-logs. Through each of the modules, you are required to submit self-evaluation logs and 1 video per technique. These videos and logs are reviewed by Play of Life trainers. You will then receive an email reply with any notes. Carlos and Melanie see every comment and question that is made in the online course. If there is ever a comment or question that needs a reply, Carlos or Melanie will be in touch with you to respond. You can also see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section under Help in the online course space.
  2. One Zoom supervision session withCarlos or Melanie at any time in the course. This is available at any time you think is right for you, or if Carlos or Melanie request it from their observation of point 1.
  3. Trimonthly videoconferences. These trimonthly sessions are a place for students and practitioners to come together to share case studies, hear from Carlos and ask any questions. This is at times a group supervision session. You can register at the top of the home page.

We understand that we all have our own individual needs when it comes to supervision. If you require more supervision sessions than listed above, you can look at the options for supervision. 

Group Training Supervision

When you are part of Group Training, the supervision you receive is the same as the online course (above) but includes Q&A with Carlos & Melanie each week as part of the group training. During Group Training you have time to share questions & concerns with students, role play and practice the techniques with Carlos & Melanie who observe your practice sessions and provide feedback where necessary.