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What is Relationship Capital?

Carlos started Relationship Capital to focus attention on an aspect of business that is integral to its success but is so often overlooked, relationships. Hence, at Relationship Capital, we focus our attention on our most important capital, relationships.

Relationship Capital makes intangible relationships tangible and material so they become the cornerstone of true wealth. It is the type of relationships people have that provides the platform for true progression towards prosperity, creating balance in life.

Our psyche and body respond with boredom, impatience, tiredness, irritation, anxiety and other physical manifestations of distress. The end result for the:
◗ Individual—is burnout
◗ Organisation—is inefficiency and collapse
◗ Family—is breakdown
◗ World—is impoverishment from the lack of role models left to new

You can read more in Carlos’ book Relationship Capital.

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Relationship Capital Programs

Relationship Capital programs are tailored to the needs of the company and the vision as a leader. Each program includes coaching focused on the what, why & how towards the leaders’ vision.

Dr Carlos and Melanie provide organisational coaching for individuals, teams, and organisations, ensuring a fully supported environment to increase motivation, relationships between team members, and the team’s professional development.

The success of the process rests in the power of cultural change involving everyone in the team, thus positively affecting every stakeholder. This is achieved through individual coaching sessions, joint coaching sessions with different team members or team leaders, and team workshops, where necessary.

Business partners, employees, customers, suppliers, and family members experience the change and promote it to others.

Dr. Carlos A Raimundo

Dr. Carlos A. Raimundo is the Founder of Active Learning International, an umbrella organisation for Play of Life, Relationship Capital and Enneagram.rc programs. Carlos’ background is as an Argentinian psychiatrist with an MBA in Business Management. His book “Relationship Capital” discusses the importance of relationships in a corporate context. His diverse background in medicine, psychiatry, and management, as well as his international experience, makes him uniquely qualified to understand and help solve organisational, relationship, and communicating issues.

Carlos has been awarded the prestigious “Innovators Award” in New York in 2004 for ongoing research in human behaviour, neurophysiology and communication.

Melanie Raimundo

Melanie is a Relationship Coach and Senior Trainer at Relationship Capital. She is the Associate Director of Active Learning International®, a member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and the Founder of Enneagram.rc.

Melanie has had extensive training in the Enneagram and the Play of Life® and incorporates her unique blend of both into her work with clients. As well as providing counselling for individuals and couples, Melanie runs workshops, seminars, and training for public and private sector organisations. Melanie has presented at national and international conferences including Argentina and the Netherlands.

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A. Berkman

Director, Berkmans

“Carlos is a highly experienced business strategist particularly in the area of helping people progress and deal with difficult issues. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge and experience in human relations that Carlos brought to each meeting, what could have been a very damaging situation was ultimately resolved amicably.”

Paul “Mitch” Mitchell

Leadership Coach, Author and Founder of the human enterprise

Carlos’ unique background in medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience and leadership, coupled with his understanding of the lessons from the ancients from his Argentinian homeland, will give you insights that would normally take you decades to access.