Play of Life®

Dr. Carlos A. Raimundo

Carlos has studies in medicine, surgery, psychotherapy, psychiatry in Argentina, theology in the USA, communities in Europe & USA and management & leadership in Australia.

Carlos is the creator of the 3D stimulation technology Play of Life®, which has revolutionised individual and team behavioural transformation and for which he received the Innovation Award by the ASGPP in New York 2002. The captivating simplicity of his methodology facilitates change in people’s lives in an alive, sharp and useful manner by bypassing the neo-cortex and directly connecting with the limbic system; that part of the brain that deals with emotions, memory and sustainable behavioural change. Carlos and his methods are as much at home coaching the General Secretary of the OEA in strategic management as they with coaching Kiribati indigenous elders in the south Pacific.

With over 30 years of international experience as a trainer, psychotherapist, speaker and presenter, an important aspect of his success lies in helping people fast-track insight leading to behavioural modification, leading to pursuing meaning and purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Carlos is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture at Charles Sturt University.

Carlos’ Interview with Matt Church – Thought Leaders

“Dr Carlos Raimundo is an amazing gift to our world. As a deep thought leader and charismatic presenter on the power of relationships to make a difference in our work and in our homes, he has touched the lives of many. Carlos’ unique background in medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience and leadership, coupled with his understanding of the lessons from the ancients from his Argentinian homeland, will give you insights that would normally take you decades to access. Through his genuine warmth, his infectious sense of humour, and his absolute belief in improving the human condition, audiences connect with him immediately. Whether it be a one on one coaching session, a team facilitation or a keynote to thousands, Carlos will bring every bit of himself to the party, encouraging us all to be both better leaders and more importantly better human beings.”

Paul “Mitch” Mitchell
Leadership Coach, Author & Founder of the Human Enterprise
“Asia Pacific’s Renowned Leadership Development Advisor”


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Work with Leadership team as part of CFMC

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