The Play of Life is a flexible, online education accreditation program for applications with individuals, couples, families and groups/teams. Developed by the creator of the model, Dr Carlos A Raimundo, this is the only accreditation program of the Play of Life model. 

The Play of Life model is a combination of Psychodrama, Neuroscience, CBT, Philosophy, Logotherapy, Sociology and Spirituality applied through practical techniques using the Play of Life Digital App or Playmobil figures and props.

Through its 3-dimensional, para-verbal application, the Play of Life helps us to bridge the intention and behaviour gap to better help clients with:   

  • Language and cultural differences,
  • Lack of insight,
  • Anxiety and stress,
  • Autism and other psychological or psychiatric disorders.



The process of Accreditation

The Play of Life® Accreditation Program has been adapted from a 300-hour post-graduate course into a program divided into a Starting Point, two-day workshop, and 3 levels (a total of 6 modules) of flexible distance education accreditation. These modules provide participants with a solid theoretical and scientific foundation (theory) as well as practical tools and immediately applicable techniques (6 modules totalling in over 15 techniques). Short quizzes are included to test your knowledge on the theory and practical self-evaluation logs are included for you to check-in on yourself and how you are progressing.

As the modules are accessible online, you are free to complete the course at your own pace. Follow the directions and have access to a facilitator of the Play of Life if ever you have any questions or need assistance. This course is easy to access and to follow as it guides you step by step through the theory and the techniques.

Once enrolled you will also have access to the private Facebook group and our quarterly videoconferences with updates and case studies from Carlos, connecting the Play of Life global community.


Levels of Accreditation

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The kiTs

Individual Kit

Professional kit

our clients




 A taster of the Play of Life including: it’s history, the neuroscience behind the method, a case study, a practical technique and further information about the online course structure. 


Starting Point

Show me

Foundational Neuroscience, Philosophy & Approach

A 2 day – 8hr workshop with the creator of the method, Dr. Carlos


Level 1

Modules 1&2

Individual Transformation 

Communication & Engagement

Flexible Distance Education Online Course