The word Imagine captured me in one of the first Rotary Magazines I received as a new member. My internal response was “Wow! Clever!” as it caught my attention, stimulating one of my hobbies, neuroscience. President Ms Jennifer Jones, said: “Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference.” Jennifer Jones’ theme Imagine Rotary is a call for reflection and action. To embrace, build and breathe the vision worldwide.
Imagining enables us to transcend ourselves, moving towards the person we and society are meant to be, the best version of ourselves. Imagining involves not only action but being. A being that that needs constant imagining, transformation, as it can often be that slow and stagnant with the potential to jeopardise adaptation to social evolution.
I connected Imagine Rotary with neuroscience, through a group process at two Rotary Clubs using a tridimensional interactive tool I developed over thirty-five years ago called the Play of Life. The tool has also been used with other organisations for strategy and planning. The process is simple but profound. It provokes group dreaming, an “imagining” through play, to later ‘discover,’ by stimulating non rational brain areas, what they are doing “towards” that goal and what they are doing that is moving them “away” from that goal.
Rotary, as many other traditional organisations, is challenged to change, evolve and adapt to continue being relevant in a rapidly changing world. The world continues to struggle with all its aches and pains, including discrimination, poverty, inequality, war. Rotary may be needed more than ever, let’s Imagine Rotary, together.